How Escorts Are Helping Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

The DEA has been working with police and other law enforcement agencies across the country to crack down on prescription drug abuse. In fact, the agency announced last week that its National Pharmaceutical Take Back Initiative had collected more than one million pounds of unwanted drugs at nearly 5,000 sites in all 50 states and Puerto Rico during a four-day period in April. The program is designed to give Americans a safe way to get rid of unused or expired medications.

One unlikely source of help for this problem recently has been from escorts. Many of these women have been arrested as they were trying to sell their bodies, but when they got out of jail, some turned to helping others who also needed help. They realized that many people are struggling financially because of the economic downturn and prescription drug abuse is rampant now because of it. Many of the escorts of the popular personals site Smoochi (read about it here) have formed a group to help fight prescription drug abuse. They call themselves Smoochi Against Drugs (SAD) and the organization is growing rapidly.

While some of the women are doing it for personal reasons, most of them really want to make a difference and do something good with their lives. When escorts are arrested and go into rehab, there’s often a stigma attached to being an ex-escort. These women feel like they can’t turn to anyone for help because they’ve lost the respect of their friends and family members. But when they leave rehab, many of them realize that they’re still needed by society and they don’t need to be ashamed anymore. And once they finish their education, their new careers offer them financial security while they work to help others.

SAD is just one example of the many ways in which escorts have been able to find a sense of purpose and pride after going through a difficult time in their lives. There are many more examples, such as the women who started a nonprofit organization called Women in Business. These women from Smoochi came together after they were arrested for prostitution and decided to start a business that would empower women. They founded the organization and now run it full-time while also volunteering their time to mentor young girls in the community.

There are so many ways that escorts can be a part of society without losing their identities or changing their personalities. Those who choose to serve as companions are often the most genuine people you’ll ever meet. They know what it means to struggle and they understand the pain of dealing with addiction. And if we continue to support these women, they will be a great asset to our society.