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Thank you for your interest in supporting SMARXDISPOSALSmart Disposal Trademark. Our goal is to encourage participation of a diverse network of partners to elevate the issue and expand the campaign’s reach. Everyone is welcome to print and distribute materials provided as resources on this site. There is no need to become a Supporting Organization or sign the Brand Use Agreement.

Supporting Organizations

If your organization would like to show your support of the SMARXDISPOSAL Smart Disposal Trademark campaign, please complete the online form and we’ll add you to the list of Supporting Organizations.

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Brand Use

If you are interested in creating your own SMARXDISPOSAL Smart Disposal Trademark campaign materials for distribution, we will soon be posting a Brand Use Agreement, Brand Standards and Reporting Requirements. Since the campaign materials are trademarked, providing these materials helps us to ensure the proper use of the trademark and establishes a degree of accountability for the campaign. Until we are able to provide this information, please feel free to use the campaign materials on our resources page.